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Commercial Heating

Commercial Heating Services in Salt Lake City, UT

During the winter, businesses need to have a warm workplace for both customers and employees. That’s why it’s important to schedule commercial heater services whenever something goes wrong with your heating system. By contacting professionals, your company can maintain a safe environment for staff and clients. If you ever need commercial heating services in Salt Lake City, UT, our heating experts will be there to help.

Paradise Heating & Air is the go-to commercial heating company for Utah businesses. We offer various services to ensure your workplace is kept warm on the coldest days of the year. Our commercial heating contractors serve the following locations throughout the state:


Commercial Heater Installation in Salt Lake City, UT

Does your business need a new heating system? Our commercial heating services in Salt Lake City, UT, offers complete installation services. The technicians at Paradise Heating & Air have years of experience installing many types of heating systems. With our efficiency and dedication, you can expect us to complete your commercial heater installation quickly. This means your company can get back to business with as little delay as possible.

Industrial Air Handling Unit

Commercial Heater Repair

Nobody wants to experience an unexpected heater breakdown, especially not in the middle of winter. When your business’s heating system needs to be fixed, it’s best to have a fast commercial heater repair company on call. Our industrial heater repair services will have your system fixed in no time at all. They’ll pinpoint exactly what went wrong and correct it, minimizing your downtime.

Commercial Heater Replacement

Sometimes industrial heater repair services aren’t enough to fix a heating system. If a unit is too old, then it may need to be replaced. Additionally, other issues may surface that can’t be repaired without excessive costs. No matter why a commercial heater replacement is necessary, you can always count on our team for assistance. Paradise Heating & Air has knowledgeable and experienced technicians available for any replacement services your company requires.


Commercial Heater Maintenance

Our commercial heating services in Salt Lake City, UT, also include semi-annual checkups. Even if you don’t think commercial heater maintenance is necessary, will you know for sure unless a professional checks? During a commercial heater inspection, a technician may find a problem you’re unaware of. Small problems can worsen into more serious and costly issues when they’re neglected, so it’s helpful to have an expert take care of  them during a commercial heater tune-up.

Reach Out to Us for Commercial Heating Services in Salt Lake City, UT

The next time your business requires commercial heating inspections and tune-ups, you’ll know who to call. Paradise Heating & Air is committed to helping all Utah companies keep their buildings comfortable and safe. If you require the services of our commercial heating contractors, contact us today. We proudly serve the following communities:

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